Taylah Lucadou-Wells,Devonport, Tasmania

Best instructor. Clearly explains what to do and what you need to improve on. Makes the whole nerve-racking experience relaxing and casual.

Rubi De Angelis,Devonport, Tasmania

Darryl has a fantastic personality and is very calm, collected and funny, which makes driving lessons with him so fun, smooth and stress-free! Definitely recommend to anyone I come across looking for driving lessons, just starting out with their L’s or preparing to go for a test!

Deb De,Devonport, Tasmania

I thought I could pass on my own driving experience to my daughter, I taught her what I knew but also thought I’d make use of the free keys 2 drive lesson with a driving instructor. I was asked to go on lesson as her supervisory driver. To my surprise Darryl taught us “both” so much on that one lesson, things I did on a subconscious level with many years of driving that I hadn’t passed on to my daughter..! Darryl explained all the theory simply then it was time for the practical, straight away he had her driving without stress or fear, in fact he gave her so much confidence in her ability to drive that we booked a package of 6 lessons..! I have to say it took the pressure off me to being able to book lessons consistently at suitable times, she passed her L2 assessment with Darryl and continued lessons up to her P’s which she passed with confidence and ability thanks to Darryls effective training.

Lillie Rose,Devonport, Tasmania

Darryl was someone that made me feel so comfortable while I was learning to drive. He shows you great tips and tricks to keep the information locked in your head and is always greeting you with a big smile making you feel so calm and relaxed while in your lessons. Luckily, Darryl took me for a driving lesson before I had my P test today and because of the amazing lesson he had given me, I passed with flying colours! I would definitely recommend Darryl to anyone who is learning how to drive.

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